ISO 9001:2015

Quality management for design, development, and manufacture of metal products and welded assemblies. EN ISO 9001 establishes the minimum requirements for a quality management system that we have to meet to be able to provide products and services that fulfill customers' expectations and any official requirements.

ISO 14001:2015

EN ISO 14001 Environmental management with a system

Environmentally-conscious business is more important now than ever. In many sectors, customers and authorities are already demanding an effective, certified environmental management system. We pledge ourselves to the principle of sustainability.

DIN EN 15085-2

EN 15085-2 - railway applications - welding railway vehicles and vehicle components

Welding is a special process for manufacturing railway vehicles and vehicle components. The necessary regulations for this process are established in the EN ISO 3834 series of standards. The basic standards of welding technology are the basis of these regulations, taking the special requirements of railway vehicle manufacturers into account.

EN ISO 3834-2

ISO 3834-2 for the welding process - manufacture of metal assemblies and assembly components

According to the certification criteria, the welding processes, the fuels used, and the personnel are subject to the test procedures according to DIN EN ISO 3834, part 2. This series of standards contains comprehensive quality requirements that must be fulfilled during the production of fusion-welded components and assemblies.