Our values at Stargo Metal Design

How we interact among ourselves and with others

Our values at SM-Design

How we interact among ourselves and with others

The base conditions of a long-term success of our company are relationships based on appreciation, trust, and respect. Developing and cultivating these relationships is a part of our corporate responsibility.

Trust and reciprocal appreciation are an important foundation for any successful activity.

Therefore, in our relationships within the company and with our customers, we are committed to:

•       Fairness

•       Openness

•       Responsibility

•       Appreciation

We consider ensuring workplace safety a precondition for behaving with integrity.

Our core missions

1.  Keeping track of customers' thinking and actions

Our customers' satisfaction is decisive for our success. We attach particular importance to:

•          the highest-quality advice from our specialists

•          a consistent market orientation and customer benefit

•          your requirements, which are decisive for us

Each of our employees knows his or her customers and his or her contribution to customer satisfaction.

2.  Quality-consciousness

As a company with a long tradition, we care about quality and safety.
Therefore, we actively encourage safety-consciousness and quality-consciousness in our facility.

Safety and quality are inseparably connected for us
Quality can be planned
The "zero-error" principle is our standard

3. Innovative technological development

Innovation in all important domains is what has distinguished our company since its founding. The development of new technologies is our innovative strength.­

Besides product development, the optimization of manufacturing processes is another focus of our development work.

We cultivate our strengths – the combination of a broad range of products with comprehensive processing technologies – and are expanding them further.


Integrated company policy of Stargo Metal Design s.r.o.