Diverse sectors

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Metal fabrication is our core business, and demanding, complex components, whether for railway or food technology, are our strength. All our experience comes together here. The result is customized, innovated, and efficient small and medium batches made from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The basis of our production is rapid and economical production of blanks that we give the required form using the optimal forming technology. Complex components arise through a variety of joining technologies, from bolting, riveting, folding, stamping, and bonding, to thermal processes such as soldering or welding. We assemble and finish these into entire subsystems together with turned, milled, injection-molded, and other parts made from a wide variety of materials.

Surface coating then gives the product its final form. In this way, we create clear added value for our customers by reducing the complexity of the production and procurement process for them – regardless of whether for a production transition from detailed engineering to prototype, a pilot run, or batch order.

All of one source is a good base for quality and efficiency in any sector.