Railway technology

Increasing cost-efficiency by reducing interfaces

Our core competencies are the basis of railway technology. Here again we support our customers as the system provider throughout the entire phases of product development, surface finishing, final assembly, and logistics.

An all of one source solution means comprehensive support for both process technology and value analysis. The result is reduced complexity and increased efficiency, and thus optimized cost-efficiency.

Particularly for complex components, an essential key to cost-efficiency, and thus competitiveness, is reducing interfaces. Therefore, as a vendor of complete solutions, we produce not only complete doors, seating, or climate control housings, but also the inner workings consisting of precision mechanical parts.

The decisive advantage of cooperating with our company is our ability to combine different fabrication techniques smoothly. Optimal basic material, decades of experience in pipe manufacture and profile shaping, and an exemplary spectrum of processing options in sheet metal processing: with us, you get that all from one supplier.

That avoids unnecessary interfaces, makes cooperating easier, increases cost-efficiency at the same time, and makes a considerable contribution to exceptional product quality.

The SM-Design name stands for quality made of metal.

That is also expressed in our certifications and accreditations.