Solar and energy technology

Promising development thanks to rational production

Cost-efficiency is the be-all and end-all in the solar industry, both in photovoltaics and in thermal solar technology. That means constant improvements in efficiency, the structure of network solutions, and further development of storage or buffer possibilities. It also means rational, efficient provision of hardware: trim, precise, dimensionally stable, reliable, and intelligent.

Our contribution to the further development and cost-efficiency of solar technology begins at the drawing board with static calculation and dimensioning of cells, modules, and systems. Since sophisticated batch production is usually the end goal here too, careful component and production optimization makes a decisive contribution to cost-efficiency.

Custom-fit solutions for the highest demands

It almost goes without saying that we as a specialist, we can develop and produce solutions, from frames, substructures, or anchorages to stationary and movable systems.

Proven surface coatings and steel sheet metal, pipes, and profiles provide maximum stability, dimensional accuracy, and weather resistance.­

Besides production of series parts in large numbers, we develop custom production processes for complex components and systems.

Pre-assembly, logistics, and shipping are also part of what we offer.