Bonding technology

Flexibility in high-technology fields

Joining technologies as welding, soldering, riveting, and bolting are proven themselves in day-to-day industrial life. A further type of connection has been added with remarkable successes: bonding.

Known for thousands of years, it has matured to a partner on equal footing with other types of connections, thanks to the great dynamism of development in the recent past. In many areas, bonding technology is even a key technology: new, hitherto impossible metal combinations and strict requirements on connections have made this flexible joining technology the preferred application, especially in high-technology fields.

Numerous advantages for new products

Bonding technology can connect practically any solid materials together, such as glass with metal or ceramics with plastic.

High temperatures are not necessary in the joining process, which protects the materials and prevents warping.

Additional characteristics such as corrosion resistance, vibration damping, electrical conductivity, and sealing against liquids or gases can be integrated into the connection via the adhesive.

Bonding is a connection technology with great potential for application in numerous sectors.